Book Quote of the Day: The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls


But you’re supposed to play music, obviously,” said Victoria.

Lawrence looked at her in surprise. 

“You mean it? I thought you hated it.”

“I do mean it,” said Victoria. She felt pretty shocked herself. “It’s annoying sometimes—well, a lot of the time, really—but it’s obviously the thing you’re best at, so why shouldn’t you do it?” Embarrassed at how happy Lawrence looked, she tried to smooth the wrinkles out of her dirty pajamas. “I mean, it’s only logical, isn’t it?”

“If you weren’t, well, you—I’d want to kiss you right now.”

It was fortunate that the room was so dark. Victoria’s cheeks turned bright red.

“Well,” she said. “Well.

-Lawrence and Victoria, The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls, Claire Legrand, 2012

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