Yoga Inspiration: Day 7, Do you take time to rest?

Child’s Pose Floral Benjavisa

Since today is Sunday, I felt it was very fitting to take a day of rest. I remember one class period during my senior thesis that changed my life. My teacher started the class with a question. “If there were eight days in the week instead of seven, what would you do on the eighth day?” All of my classmates named things like homework, shopping, cleaning, and other busy activities. I felt a growing sense of dread the closer it came to my turn. I was the only one in the class that had a different answer.

When my teacher turned to me I answered, “Nothing. If I had an extra day I wouldn’t force myself to continue activities I know will cause me stress. I would go on a walk without any particular place I need to go. I would watch a movie without taking extensive notes and researching. I would stay off my phone, sit outside, and take time to think.”

I went on and said I already took Sunday off from school studies and work because after six years of college I realized I needed time for myself to breathe. When I took that time for myself it made a tremendous difference in my school and work life.

So today, I didn’t do yoga or write. I let myself rest and I feel great! For now, I will just leave any who read this post with a happy adieu!

Thank you so much for reading! See you tomorrow.

DAY 5- Month of Movie Quotes: Mansfield Park (1999)

Edmund Bertram: There are as many forms of love as there are moments in time.

If there is anything we learn in this life, I feel it is that love changes and is strengthened in our lives through small everyday choices. The small crushes we had in middle school turn to budding romances, newly wed dreams, deep friendships and charitable companionships.

I feel some loves are truly worth fighting for, whereas others are counterfeits of true love. I like this movie because it shows many kinds of relatio ships and could be endings. But in the end, the main character Fanny chooses her own happiness.