Mindful Living: Introduction

Image via Burningnight

As I’ve pondered what to start writing next, I realized I haven’t talked very much about my goals and ambitions for my physical and mental wellbeing. I’ve made quite a few adjustments throughout the last few months that are worth exploring.

I know there are many people who’ve tried making goals or striven to find little things in their lives they could change to benefit themselves and others. For me, it’s not easy. But as I’ve made necessary changes I’ve noticed subtle positive movements in how I feel about myself.

Before starting my other posts, please know these goals were fine-tuned for me. Not everyone will probably identify with me changing my toothpaste to be more eco-friendly or starting a scripture study every night.

What’s important is finding goals that match your passions and desires for the future.

These are the questions I ask myself:

  1. Does this goal make me happy?
  2. Do I feel better physically/mentally by achieving this goal?
  3. Am I doing this goal for others or myself?
  4. What will I gain by striving to achieve this goal?
  5. Looking back, will I be satisfied with the changes this goal will bring about?

I use my other blog to write written essays and do personal studies. What I hope to achieve by starting this series of posts is a safe space where I can reflect on changes and products I’ve turned to, to improve my physical, spiritual, and mental health.

May we all learn something new as I reflect and ponder what sincerely benefits my life.