Mediation among the fallen leaves- Day 4

For today, I wanted to do another shout out to an amazing artist I found. I believe her works well qualify for the overall feeling which permeates the fall season.

Artist Chie Yoshii was born in Japan 1974 and earned her BFA at Massachusetts College of Art in 2000. Galleries and critics have acclaimed her works, which explores contrasting themes such as innocence and sensuality, strength and weakness, nature and humanity. Overall, she works with oil on canvas

In a way, she reminds me of a French artist I mentioned years ago named Anne Bachelier (ARTICLE HERE) who also features women in her paintings and uses psychological themes to convey ideas on the human condition through atmosphere, lighting and engaging well-placed symbolism.

All the women in Yoshii’s paintings are interesting studies, especially the way many of them seem to look straight at their audience. It seems almost like they are all circus performers, well aware people are watching. As such I wonder if we are even able to see their true selves.

For myself, I don’t like the feelings behind many of her paintings but I do admire many of them. She is a very talented artist and has a way of drawing audiences into every work she does.

I also enjoy her use of color throughout her works, especially the not so subtle crimson red and deep blue which pop up throughout the majority. Other common themes include butterflies, masks, dark backgrounds, birds and famous greek deities. Overall, her style is a warm mixture of Western and Eastern art styles. Feel free to explore her artworks and biography on her WEBSITE!