My favorite Books


Yes, I know I am already doing another list, but I have to go with my feelings in the moment. People ask me all the time what my favorite books are. Honestly, I always tell them it is an impossible question to answer. In my lifetime, I have read over 1000 books ranging from children’s books, novels, poetry collections, manga series and classic masterpieces. Truly, it is not an easy question to answer.

But for some reason, I finished rereading one of my childhood book friends and realized. . . there are certain series and books which no matter how many years go by are still important to me. The question which permeates my mind is WHY.

Really, it isn’t all that important which are my favorite books. It is the underlining reason of why which intrigues me. Because I believe it shows an interesting layer of my character. Anyway, I want to really think on it and write about each of my favorite books for myself.

If you read these posts, you are just here for the ride I am taking into my character. And who knows, maybe someone who reads these posts will want to read them as well.

Now, sometimes instead of books I will book entire series. . . that is because I often don’t differentiate between them. Books in a series kind of just flow into each other so I don’t feel like separating them.

Another note, the books I post are not in any particular order. There will probably be ten. . . or so. depending on how many I find.