Anime April Mayhem! Day 11, My Most Disappointing Experiences.

After several more positive posts, I thought I should slip in a more negative one. I don’t like to do this very often, but I have had people ask me what my least favorite anime and manga are.

This list has a slight twist to it. These are not necessarily bad anime and manga. It just means I had a really bad experience watching or reading them. They can stay whoever’s favorite. To each his own.

That being said lets get started on yet another sad journey.

Chobits (2000-2002), manga by CLAMP 

After enduring four years of high school, Hideki Motosuwa strives to get into the university of his choice by attending cram school in Tokyo. Concurrently, he works daily shifts at a bar to make ends meet, thus missing out on the world’s latest invention—human-like computers called Persocoms. Longing for a persocom of his own, Hideki is met with a stroke of luck when he stumbles upon a cute abandoned persocom in a garbage pile.

Upon finding the power button, Hideki finds his newfound robot to be faulty and only capable of uttering the word “Chii”—which Hideki decides to name her after. Chii, however, is no ordinary persocom: capable of thinking and learning on her own, she is a legendary type of robot known as a “Chobit.” Now, it is up to Hideki to teach Chii how to live an ordinary life and to uncover the truth behind the elusive chobits series.

Myanimelist Overview

Because I love CLAMP’s later work Tsubasa, I went on a spree reading through all their other popular series. Out of all of them, Chobits was the most disturbing and disappointing to me. The sexual undertones, especially in how Chii turned on as a machine (It’s located in her. . . most private place.) really threw me off. The main character Hideki was also pretty boring. . . and horny. Sigh. . . I just don’t like Ecchi stories. All sense of prose or wonder falls apart because of the sexualized content.

Black Butler (2008-2009, 2006-?), anime/manga by Toboso, Yana , animated by A-1 Pictures

Young Ciel Phantomhive is known as “the Queen’s Guard Dog,” taking care of the many unsettling events that occur in Victorian England for Her Majesty. Aided by Sebastian Michaelis, his loyal butler with seemingly inhuman abilities, Ciel uses whatever means necessary to get the job done. But is there more to this black-clad butler than meets the eye?

In Ciel’s past lies a secret tragedy that enveloped him in perennial darkness—during one of his bleakest moments, he formed a contract with Sebastian, a demon, bargaining his soul in exchange for vengeance upon those who wronged him. Today, not only is Sebastian one hell of a butler, but he is also the perfect servant to carry out his master’s orders—all the while anticipating the delicious meal he will eventually make of Ciel’s soul. As the two work to unravel the mystery behind Ciel’s chain of misfortunes, a bond forms between them that neither heaven nor hell can tear apart.

Myanimelist Overview

I really liked this series when I first watched it, maybe ten years ago. It had a Victorian England undertone I admire. Plus, the art for the manga and animation in the anime are phenomenal. Despite this, I disliked the direction the anime went, especially after the first season, and the manga threw some plot twists in that disturbed me. Legitimately, disturbed me. I still can’t quite shake off the awful feeling I had when I read it. Such a shame. It had a lot going for it.

The Gentleman’s Alliance, manga by Tanemura, Arina 

Imperial Academy is an elite private school whose student body is divided into the ranks of Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Depending on your family’s wealth and your individual merit, you can be classified as a Silver or Bronze student. However, there is only one Gold student, and this year that person is Shizumasa Touguu—nicknamed “the Emperor” because he is the Student Council President.

When she was very young, Haine Otomiya fell in love with Shizumasa, after reading the children’s picture book that he authored. She had met him twice before attending Imperial Academy, but as a Bronze student, her rank is far below his, so she has been unable to approach him at school.

Haine jumps at an opportunity to get close to Shizumasa, and she unexpectedly becomes his bodyguard as well as a member of the Student Council. It seems like a dream come true for her, but soon she will learn that everyone in the Student Council is hiding secrets, and her own shameful history cannot be forgotten either.

Myanimelist Overview

The Gentleman’s Alliance seems like many other Shoujo manga I’ve read in the past. It had an elite academy, a childhood love interest, and a club/group set apart from the other students. However, after two-thirds of the story, it throws in some messed up plot twists for some of the characters, especially the male lead. I felt so bad for everyone near the story’s end. Oh yeah. . . I hated the ending. I won’t say why in case anyone wants to read this story. Suffice it to say, I was in a slump for days after finishing this series. 

Vampire Knight, manga by Hino, Matsuri 

Cross Academy is an elite boarding school with two separate, isolated classes: the Day Class and the Night Class. On the surface, Yuuki Cross and Zero Kiryuu are prefects of the academy and attempt to keep order between the students as classes rotate in the evenings. As the Night Class is full of utterly gorgeous elites, this can sometimes prove to be a bit difficult. It is completely necessary, however, as those “elites” are actually vampires. Yuuki and Zero act as guardians, protecting the secrets of the Night Class and the safety of their ignorant morning counterparts.

As the adopted daughter of the academy’s chairman, Yuuki takes her job with a serious and energetic attitude. It also allows her to interact with her secret crush and savior, the president of the Night students’ dorm, Kaname Kuran. Zero, on the other hand, has a deep-rooted hatred against vampires, and at times, does not hesitate to kill.

Can vampires and humans co-exist, even in the strict setup of the Cross Academy? Only time will tell.

Myanimelist Overview

Hahahaha yes, I read and followed this manga series. Did I like it at the beginning? Not really. All that caught my eye was the artwork. I kept reading to see where the story would go. I thought it wouldn’t be and couldn’t be as twisted as Twilight. I was right. It wasn’t. It was so much WORSE. The incest, the twist ending, and the stupid misunderstandings were just dumb. They were dumb and disappointing.

Soul Eater (2003-2013), manga by Ookubo, Atsushi 

Death City is home to the Death Weapon Meister Academy, established by Shinigami—the grim reaper himself. Created to maintain peace, the academy trains Meisters and Demon Weapons—people who take on the form of a weapon—to defend humanity against evil. The ultimate goal of a Meister is to create a “Death Scythe” worthy of being wielded by Shinigami. To do this, their weapon partner must consume the souls of 99 wicked humans and one witch.

Maka Albarn and her partner Soul Eater “Soul” Evans are two students who hope to make a Death Scythe. They are joined by the boisterous Black☆Star and his partner Tsubaki Nakatsukasa, as well as the perfectionist Death the Kid—simply known as Kid—and his partners, the twins Patricia “Patty” and Elizabeth “Liz” Thompson. These ambitious students all work towards becoming the ultimate Meister and Demon Weapon team, through misadventures, missions, and many class trials.

However, many mysteries surround them, and as new enemies are discovered and secrets are revealed, Maka, Soul, and their friends must fight to protect the academy, Death City, and the world itself from enemies far worse than humans.

Myanimelist Overview

I read the manga because I like the anime. After reading through ten volumes, I realized it wasn’t going to get any better. The Ecchi material is off-putting, and the story spirals downhill after 200 or so chapters. Plus, the ending was so stupid! So so stupid! I hope to erase my experience with this manga as soon as possible.

D.N.Angel (2003), anime by Xebec

Daisuke Niwa is a clumsy, block-headed, and wimpy middle school student who has few redeeming qualities. On his 14th birthday, he finally decides to confess his love to his longtime crush Risa Harada, but is rejected.

In an unexpected turn of events, however, Daisuke finds himself transforming into Dark Mousy, the infamous phantom thief, whenever his mind is set on Risa. Though Daisuke is unaware of this strange heritage, his mother is certainly not: since before the boy was born, his mother had been planning for him to steal valuable works of art and let the name of the elusive art thief be known.

With doubt and confusion constantly clouding his mind, Daisuke finds himself struggling in his relationships with classmates and family. And it is not long before Daisuke realizes that he is not the only one with a fated family legacy—his greatest adversary could be the one classmate he is most unwilling to fight.

Myanimelist Overview

I blame this anime for putting the manga on hiatus. (Just kidding.) It dulled down Sugisaki’s original artwork and over-complicated the characters and story. Plus the ending confused me.

Chrono Crusade (2003-2004), anime by Gonzo

The 1920s was a decade of great change and upheaval, with monstrous demons appearing across America. To combat this menace, the holy organization known as the Order of Magdalene was established. The organization’s New York branch is home to the young and reckless Sister Rosette Christopher, as well as her partner Chrno. Tasked with the extermination of demonic threats, the renowned team is excellent at their job, despite causing extensive collateral damage on their missions.

However, both Rosette and Chrno are driven by their dark pasts. Through exterminating demons, Rosette hopes to find her lost brother Joshua who was taken by the sinner and demon, Aion, with whom Chrno also shares a bloody history. The two of them must fight off the increasingly dangerous demonic menace and discover its source, while continuing to search for the truth behind Joshua’s disappearance.

Myanimelist Overview

Chrono Crusade is a pretty good anime, until the ending. I’ll break it to you now, the two main characters DIE, and the villain who they thought was gone for good because of their sacrifice comes back anyway. Their sacrifice was for NOTHING! NOTHING!!!! I cried like a baby when I saw this and swore I would never see it again. 

One Punch Man, Season 2 (2019), animated by J.C.Staff

In the wake of defeating Boros and his mighty army, Saitama has returned to his unremarkable everyday life in Z-City. However, unbeknownst to him, the number of monsters appearing is still continuously on the rise, putting a strain on the Hero Association’s resources. Their top executives decide on the bold move of recruiting hoodlums in order to help in their battle. But during the first meeting with these potential newcomers, a mysterious man calling himself Garou makes his appearance. Claiming to be a monster, he starts mercilessly attacking the crowd.

The mysterious Garou continues his rampage against the Hero Association, crushing every hero he encounters. He turns out to be the legendary martial artist Silverfang’s best former disciple and seems driven by unknown motives. Regardless, this beast of a man seems unstoppable. Intrigued by this puzzling new foe and with an insatiable thirst for money, Saitama decides to seize the opportunity and joins the interesting martial arts competition.

As the tournament commences and Garou continues his rampage, a new great menace reveals itself, threatening the entire human world. Could this finally be the earth-shattering catastrophe predicted by the great seer Madame Shibabawa?

Myanimelist Overview

You might have noticed One Punch Man (2015) is one of my favorite anime. Can you imagine my disappointment, after reading the great manga and seeing the first season, when I saw this second season? I got all excited. . . then confused. . . then. . . saaaaaaaaad. Then I realized Madhouse did not animate the second season. J.C.Staff did. I am not sure how that happened but I hope someone fixes it. Someday.

Tsubasa Chronicle (2005), anime by Bee Train

During an excavation at the mysterious ruins in Clow Country, Syaoran discovers his childhood friend Princess Sakura appear on the site with wings that disperse into many feathers. As the feather’s disappear to different dimensions, so does Sakura’s memory. In attempts to save Sakura’s life and restore her memory, Syaoran travels through to another world to find a solution. There’s only one thing left he can do. Travel through to different dimensions to collect Sakura’s feathers. Helping out with the quest is Kurogane, an exiled ninja from Japan Country who wishes to return to his world, the runaway magician, Fay, who desires to jump between each world never to return to his own and the white meat-bun shaped creature, Mokona.

Myanimelist Overview

The anime was disappointing, not for the story, but for its animation. It’s clunky and the pacing is hard to follow at times. I also didn’t like how they animated clothing or facial structures. All in all, I was unsatisfied because the manga’s beauty and charm got lost somewhere in production. (But the OVA Tsubasa: Tokyo Revelations is really good.)

Horimiya (2011), manga by Hagiwara, Daisuke

Although admired at school for her amiability and academic prowess, high school student Kyouko Hori has been hiding another side of her. With her parents often away from home due to work, Hori has to look after her younger brother and do the housework, leaving no chance to socialize away from school.

Meanwhile, Izumi Miyamura is seen as a brooding, glasses-wearing otaku. However, in reality, he is a gentle person inept at studying. Furthermore, he has nine piercings hidden behind his long hair and a tattoo along his back and left shoulder.

By sheer chance, Hori and Miyamura cross paths outside of school—neither looking as the other expects. These seemingly polar opposites become friends, sharing with each other a side they have never shown to anyone else.

Myanimelist Overview

I have to be careful how I say this. I have very set beliefs on the importance of chastity before marriage. While reading this series, people told me it was one of the most wholesome love stories they had read. I went in thinking this was the case, and for a while, it was. I loved their story! I must have re-read the chapters over and over again at least ten times.

But then came the chapter where they decided to have sex for the first time. What upset me the most was her little brother’s reaction, crying after hearing what they had done and Miyamura’s response to his feelings. After that, I didn’t read it again.

As I said in my heading, to each his own. I know not everyone has my same beliefs. However, there are certain things in stories, no matter how well written they are, I can’t support.

The Way of the Househusband (2021), anime by J.C.Staff

“Immortal Tatsu,” the legendary yakuza who single-handedly defeated a rival gang with a lead pipe, is a name known to strike fear in both hardened police officers and vicious criminals. Soon after his sudden disappearance, he resurfaces with a slight change in profession. Now equipped with an apron, Tatsu has given up violence and is trying to make an honest living as a house husband.

While adapting to mundane household tasks, Tatsu finds that being a house husband has its own challenges, from the battlefield known as supermarket sales to failures in the kitchen. Despite living peacefully, misunderstandings seem to follow him left and right. Gokushufudou follows the daily life of the comically serious ex-yakuza as he leaves behind his dangerous previous life to become a stay-at-home husband.

The problem with this anime is it isn’t an anime. Really. I’m not kidding. The animators just took scenes shot by shot from the manga, colored them in, added voices and slight movements in between. That’s it. It was like a higher-budget webcomic video.

I wasn’t expecting them not to animate anything. It is a shame because if they did it would have been awesome! It had so much wasted potential.

Fullmetal Alchemist (2003-2004), anime by Bones

Edward Elric, a young, brilliant alchemist, has lost much in his twelve-year life: when he and his brother Alphonse try to resurrect their dead mother through the forbidden act of human transmutation, Edward loses his brother as well as two of his limbs. With his supreme alchemy skills, Edward binds Alphonse’s soul to a large suit of armor.

A year later, Edward, now promoted to the fullmetal alchemist of the state, embarks on a journey with his younger brother to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone. The fabled mythical object is rumored to be capable of amplifying an alchemist’s abilities by leaps and bounds, thus allowing them to override the fundamental law of alchemy: to gain something, an alchemist must sacrifice something of equal value. Edward hopes to draw into the military’s resources to find the fabled stone and restore his and Alphonse’s bodies to normal. However, the Elric brothers soon discover that there is more to the legendary stone than meets the eye, as they are led to the epicenter of a far darker battle than they could have ever imagined.

Myanimelist Overview

Now. I know there are a lot of fans of this anime. Yes, I know Bones did an incredible job animating and storyboarding it based on the limited material they had for the first few manga volumes. The reason I even got into Fullmetal Alchemist was because of this show. But, the ending was so disappointing. Honeheim because wimpy and shady, there was a strange new villain called Dante, Scar died, Edward died. . . my soul cried and almost died as well.

I loved this show until the last three episodes. Truly and sincerely I did. But the ending ruined the entire experience for me. I’ve tried re-watching it for old times sake but each time I can’t get past the first episode.

Thank you for reading! See you tomorrow!

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