Cutting a Sunbeam (1886)

I love the human imagination. Surrounded by decay and refuse, this young girl, smiling, can imagine what it would be like to cut into the sun. We all need to tune into that small sense of wonder we had as children every now and again.  

This photo was taken by Adam Diston in 1886. I found little on the photographer himself so I asume little is known about him. I did find out he was born 1827 in Edinburgh and spent the greater majority of his life as a photographer. He was Scottish and died in 1889. 

I really like his photography.  His photos capture life in the small, quiet moments. The world he lived in was very bleak and people suffered. But as it says in “Kino’s Journey”, The world is ugly, therefore it is beautiful. I found other photos by him and I hope you enjoy them! (Note, sorry if most don’t have names and dates! I could not find them.)

(Woman and Boy in Shop, 1888)