Anime April Mayhem! Day 3, “What Bugs You?” Anime Tag

Master Roshi from Dragon Ball Z

I created this little tag to help anyone vent about any quirks in anime that bug them to no end! Feel free to use the tag yourself and link me in!

Let’s get started.

When they are TOOOOOOO long. . .

I like Shonen anime, but most of my friends and family don’t know this because I don’t watch big shows like One PieceNarutoBleach, or Gintama. Here’s the thing . . . action-packed anime have me for 60 episodes or less. No joke. I realized I don’t have the mindset for really long shows because they are WAAAAY too drawn out. I need stories that are going somewhere. I need closure. 

Fan Service

Blair from Soul Eater

Anime creators engineer fan-service to trick viewers into watching shows. Most of it objectifies and sexualizes women, giving men and women strange expectations and views of beauty and relationships. I can’t stand it. It doesn’t add anything to the story or its characters.

Filler Episodes

Episode with. . . fish people from Slayers

What is the logical thing to do when faced with a starved audience in a popular franchise? Create high-quality material they can enjoy and take extra time to make the next seasons or episodes worth waiting for. The stupid thing to do is fill these shows with filler episodes that have. . . no. . . point. 

They are the kind of episodes that ask questions like, “What if the main character finds a lost animal and decides to help it find its family?” or “Who wants to watch your favorite action heroes work at a farm for a day?”. They annoy me to no end and intensify my aversion to long-drawn-out shows.

Cycle Drama Writing

Shot of characters from Fairytale

Let me explain this one. Let’s take your average Shonen action show. Have a hero who meets a stronger foe. Darn, they lose. But wait! Said hero gets stronger and defeats the enemy after training or through the power of grit and friendship. Sounds pretty standard, right? I get annoyed when this happens in a show over. . . and over. . . .and over. . . and over again. When building and creating the right tension and give in a show, there can’t be reoccurring main boss battles. It’s exhausting for an audience and lazy.

Cyle drama writing isn’t just a problem in Shonen but Shoujo romances as well. There are always the same misunderstands, dramas, and big reveals meant to keep an audience hooked longer than normal. However, they happen over and over again. It’s often annoying and obnoxious.

Weird Hairstyles

Takuma Zenshuin from Elf Princess Rane

I don’t mind different colors of hair in anime or even glowing hair during transformations. However, my OCD kicks in when I see stupid hairstyles in anime. They are the kind that defies the laws of physics, are ridiculously long and big, or just plain ugly looking.

They distract me, and I feel so torn because I can’t fix their hair. I always think, “You poor thing. Has no one told you your hair is hideous or ridiculous? Let me fix your hair and reset balance in your world.”

Perverted Characters

Minata from My Hero Academia

I know authors and animators put them in stories to be funny. But. . . THEY AREN’T FUNNY. In real life, if a guy or girl groped someone, peaked on them in the bath, flipped their skirt, or stole their underwear, they would be charged with sexual assault. Seriously, I can’t fathom why people think it’s a good idea to include them in shows.

Thank you for reading! Feel free to use this tag or spread it around.

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See you tomorrow!

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