March Madness: Review A Book A Day

Fairy Book, Illustration Ольга Калиниченко (Olga Kalinichenko)-

I’ve been excited about this post for several weeks! For February, I wanted to focus on my yoga practice and the lessons I learned from exercising throughout the month. March will be all about books!

Usually, I talk a lot about animation, silent movies, and TV Shows. This is fitting because I love studying film. But before I loved researching cinematography, I fell in love with reading. I actually read more books than I watch movies and TV shows. ( I also own over 600 books. For now.)

However, as many who have looked through my blog might have noticed, I don’t write book reviews very often. Such a travesty! But it is also understandable for several reasons.

  1. Book reviews take a lot of time. It is a lot easier to sit down and look over parts in a film rather than a book.
  2. By the time I am ready to write a book review, I’ve moved on and lose interest. I have an ever deflecting attention span.
  3. I get overwhelmed by all the books I read. (Sometimes I read up to five different books at a time. I blame college.)
  4. I don’t think its necessary to write about books I hated or thought were okay. Books I consider great are few and far between.

Despite all these things going against me, I’ve resolved to write about a book a day this month! All the amazing book bloggers I follow inspired me to extend my writing repertoire. Maybe this will be the month I change my tune!

Thank you for reading! Look forward to a month of book reviews! If you have any book recommendations, feel free to send them to me in the comments.

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