9Jedit is Still Inspiring Me

I think I will continue to post 9Jedit’s art until I look through their entire profile. I love everything they do. Again, please look at their twitter account for yourself. I believe they are also looking for patrons.

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Tiger’s Curse (2011) Book Quote and Short review

The dream made me realize how alone I really felt. Since my parents had died, no one had held me like this. Of course, I hugged my foster parents and their kids, but no one managed to break through my defenses- nor had I let anyone pull this depth of emotion from me in a long while.

That was the moment I knew that Ren loved me.

I felt my heart open to him. I already loved and trusted the tiger part of him. That part was easy. But, I recognized that the man needed that love even more. For Ren, it had been centuries-if ever. so, I held him close. . .


So, I wanted to just share a quote from a book I really like. But it comes with a short review because. . . I need to get my thoughts off my chest. Tiger’s Curse is actually the first in a four book series. It is followed by Tiger’s Curse, Voyage and Destiny. Overall, it is definitely a good series to read and better than. . . Twilight. (Sorry. I had to say it.) Colleen Houck did a wonderful job embellishing Indian culture and creating likable characters with real problems.

I liked the main heroine Kelsey because though she was definitely insecure about herself and her relationships, it had a foundation for it that I could understand. But through it all, she was very compassionate and charitable. Ren was my favorite because he was intelligent, vulnerable and he loved very deeply. All in all, I saw in both of them my own anxieties in love and in life.

I also like Ren’s brother Kishan and was happy he received the ending and family he so desperately needed in the last book.

My thoughts on Colleen Houck’s novels are mostly positive. I love the way she writes, the setting she creates, and the the ending. But .. . . I can usually only read the first book and then the end of the fourth.

Of all the four novels in this series the first is my favorite because, well, there isn’t the mind crushing, painful love triangle from the others. Honestly, I can’t read the whole series because it gives me such awful anxiety and frustration.

Here is my reasoning. This was one of those stories I could tell right from the get go who would be together and I really thought it was tangible and real right from the start. But reading Kelsey’s decision to leave Ren after painfully watching him act though a haze of stolen memories and then have to read of how much she fought against herself to the point of almost hating herself. . . Oh gosh it is too much for me.

There are over two books of it and I just. . . can’t. . . make it through. I felt so sad for everyone involved. So. . . I read faithfully to the end, rejoiced it was finally over with Kelsey and Ren married happily with Kishan also married and happy and I was satisfied. But by golly if it didn’t almost destroy me.

So there you have it. The first is my favorite, I love the ending but can’t make it through the books without going through my own personal crisis.

9Jedit, Blog Art is more than it seems

9jedit 29

I know I don’t write very much anymore, but I have now made it a personal goal to write or find something new every day. If I don’t then I will never grow beyond what I have already done. So for those who do read my blog, and thank you for being so patient, I will be on a lot more.

But you didn’t click this to hear me ramble. These are art pieces done by a Korean artist I found not too long ago. Here is the one problem. I don’t understand anything about them besides their artist name, which is 9jedit. This is obviously because I don’t speak Korean. But I do love their art pieces. So I will post a few of them as well as a link to their portfolio. CLICK HERE. This is also their twitter account. CLICK HERE. (I was able to access more of their art through twitter so I would suggest going there first.)


9jedit 1

I love how gentle each of this artists works are. Every single art piece they do is peaceful and awe inspiring. I feel I could look at each of them for long stretches of time because they make my ponder what it means to live in the moment. I believe this is because there is a measure of stillness to their paintings, which is a well needed change amidst our fast paced, ever changing world. Honestly, their talent is wasted on a blog.

9jedit 2

Feel free to look at the art pieces I posted here, but also please go to their pages if you so desire. They have hundreds of works!

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